Buyandship x DROP

Buyandship X Drop 網購獨家聯乘產品!

Drop 係一間成立於 2012 年嘅美國 Start-Up 公司,自行研發、設計同出品咗唔少獨特產品,好多創新嘅電子產品都可以喺 Drop 官網入手,包括電競鍵盤、音響設備、手錶、攝影器材等,而且價格仲極具競爭力,唔少定價仲係低於市場。

Drop 同時亦同唔少國際品牌包括 Sennheiser、Fostex、Noble Kaiser、Naked&Famous、Granite Gear、Moshi、Olympus、LAMY、Mondaine 等聯乘推出限量產品,就好似 Drop X Sennheiser 耳機,喺本地絕對買唔到!而大多數 Drop 產品都會免美國本土運費,加上 Buyandship 國際轉運費用咁抵,安坐家中就可以網購到呢啲限量版產品喇!


Drop Studio – Fit Testing Our Women’s Denim

Things are moving along! The next step in our process was to travel down to LA to meet with our denim developer. A denim developer is an expert in all things denim. They schedule fittings and work with fit models to make sure the fit is just right, and they determine where we should be changing the pattern to make the jeans more balanced. Our denim developer works with top labels in and around LA, so we were excited to get to work with her on this project.

JUN 11, 2019

The Most Modded Headphone Ever Just Got Even Better

AWe’re excited to announce that we’re working on a brand-new version of the Fostex T-X0, the T-X0 II, which uses a combination of parts from the original T-X0, and now the T50RP MK III. The first T-X0 was based on the famed MKII model and was made in a limited batch. Since that time, Fostex rolled out with an MKIII version and we are now in a position to bring back the T-X0 with some new refinements.

JUN 13, 2019

Mechanical Keyboards 101 – An Introduction To The Hobby

Let’s tackle the first and most obvious question here: “What’s the deal with these mechanical keyboards, and why in the hell would you pay $100+ for one?!” This simple question is unsurprisingly difficult to answer in many ways. Here’s one reason and a thousand words worth:

NOV 27, 2017